Tuesday, 8 December 2009

The Canon & Stefan Sagmeister

I've just completed my first essay at university.
1200 words on 'Which designer do you think should be canonised?'.
Choosing a graphic designer who is well known now, and looking at it 20 years in the future (so, with an aspect of creative writing).
So, who will still be around in 20 years time?
Who deserves to enter the "graphic design canon"?

"The canon is a group of highly regarded people within a certain field of expertise. New people can join by doing something which makes them worthy of their place. The public can decide who belongs in the cannon, generally those who are most popular or successful." - the first couple of sentences of the essay.

I chose Stefan Sagmeister. Some may argue he is already a part of the canon, but I think in order to write about someone well enough and express why they deserve to be canonised, they have to be relatively canonised already. If that makes sense. 

Also as we are graphic designers, we don't just write an essay. We put it into the format of a book/ magazine spread, as if it is in some kind of graphic design canon compilation.

Here it is:

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