Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Insomniac giraffes


I've been given a little task of drawing some things for a children's play park, to be printed onto large metal boards (like road signs). I can draw whatever I like as long as children will like it. So here's some dinosaurs! I'm also going to do some classic zoo animals or something.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Cat cam IV

Slightly more decent photographs this time, considering I was still using a 24 exp. out of date film anyway. Although I think the flash died towards the end of the film as it rarely seems to work now. I will try new batteries.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Birthday cake

It's my birthday!

And my mum and me have half made a chocolatey sponge cake - it is in the oven, and then needs to be sandwiched together with cherry jam. But here's the cake I had three years ago (for my 16th). Unfortunately not homemade.

I'm quite excited for the debut of Matt Smith as the new Doctor, although David Tennant will be missed.

EDIT: My mum just reminded me of the cake I had last year, for my 18th, made by my amazingly talented cake crafting friend, Lizzie. And it just has to be shared with the world.

And we ate this by the sea in Falmouth on the day of my interview,
as the icing melted in the sun.

Saturday, 27 March 2010


I'm not sure why I've done this other than to see what people/bands like The Gaslight Anthem, Frank Turner and Muse are up to, but I made myself a twitter. At least now I've reserved my name so that no other Emma Prews out there can have it. Haha. Which remind me, Google my name and it will actually mostly be me that comes up.

Weimin He's construction portraits

"This exhibition presents the artist Weimin He's creative responce to the recent major redevelopment of the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. Inspired by the noise, dust and activity of the construction site, he has chronicled the transformation of the Ashmolean from the demolition of the old galleries in 2006 to the completion of the new building in 2009."
- I typed all of that (and the two paragraphs to follow) out, copied from a photograph I took.

"At the same time he has also made portrait studies of many of the construction workers and the Museum's own staff.  These portraits are brush drawn in ink on pi and xuan papers or as album leaves, a technique that has been used in China for more than a thousand years. Weimin's own woek is particularly inspired by the simplicity and boldness of Han dynasty seal (206 BC - AD 220), while endowing the traditional medium with his contemporary interpretation."

"Weimin He was Christensen Fellow of Chinese Painting in the Ashmolean's Department of Eastern Art for four years until 2008, followed by a term as Artist in Residence. He curated the exhibition Chinese Prints 1950-2006 in the Ashmolean Museum, shown between October 2007 and February 2008."

These really interested me and stood out against all the other things I'd seen in the museum before hand. I'd like to do something like the first lot of images. They're almost like precise monoprints, and you can definately see the traditional Chinese influence.

Oxford signs

Today I went to Oxford, the Ashmoleon museum and for some (unsuccessful) shopping - Oxford does not have a H&M! I enjoyed the Japanese/Chinese bits of the museum most. But they also had an interesting temporary exhibition of modern, but traditional looking, black and white prints (which I'll blog about soon).

All the street signs in Oxford seem to be like this, I love them.

And some others:
I like this typeface for Jamie Oliver's restaurant.

This sign was moved from its original location but put
next to the county hall building, to keep it.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Some very nice lettering

Sometimes "hand rendered lettering" can look overused but I really like these, by Chris Piascik, which I found here.

Yeah, he is pretty good.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Just discovered this website, whilst looking for Frank Turner's setlist from last night, where people post the setlists from any gigs all over the world.

" is a wiki-like service to collect and share setlists. Search, add and edit setlists embed them into your website and get personal tour and song statistics. All for free!"

Here's Frank's setlist:

Frank Turner at the Roundhouse

So, I went to see Frank Turner last night, at the Roundhouse. I've been listening to him since his first album was out, which tells me was in 2007 - so three years. But it wasn't until December last year when I'd been listening to Poetry of the Deed (his third album), non-stop, that I saw he was touring and decided to get tickets, luckily the tour was during my Easter holidays.

I'm going to point out now that this is by no means going to be a good gig review or anything, I don't have a set list (although I may now scour the web for one) and I can't remember all of the details. But I enjoyed myself very much and I think that last night was quite possibly one of the best live performances I've ever seen.

One of the supports was the brilliant American folk/country (and ex-punk) Chuck Ragan, who I was well aware of before and so was even happier to find he was supporting. Frank has played with him in the US (and The Gaslight Anthem!) so they're friends. The first support was a band called Crazy Arm who I thought were pretty good too. I'm definitely going to listen to them again.

Crazy Arm
The chap in the middle left is Chuck Ragan, coming on stage to do a song
with Crazy Arm at the end of their set. I love how all the bands were
friends with one another. Frank comes on with Chuck later on!

Chuck Ragan
And here's Frank!

Frank Turner
And so on and so forth, there's a lot of samey photographs. I took a lot.
But I'm well aware none of them are particularly good, I just wanted to record
the moment a little.
This is the "real Dan" from Dan's Song.
The heads (at the front) have gone!
Yes, you are amazing Frank.
He played well over 20 songs, non-stop, barely stopping for a
and then came back with Chuck and co.
And sporting a I am the real Frank Turner t-shirt.
Frank loved the gig so much that he even came back for a second encore!
oh, ahem, shirtless.

It was his largest ever headline tour, so far. Plus, last night, in London, was the last night of the tour – so that's always special. And he made sure we knew it. I'm sure we got more songs than any of the previous dates on the tour would have, including many of my favourites.

Frank was just overall brilliant. Best birthday gig (three days early) I could have asked for.