Monday, 30 August 2010

Whipsnade lion

Took a little trip to Ivinghoe beacon to see the chalk lion at Whipsnade, across Dunstable downs. The view  wasn't too bad, although the clouds had moved in. But the lion definitely needs re-chalking and de-weeding.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Beautiful book

I read some reviews of this and thought it sound like my kind of book, being set in Japan 1800. But it wasn't until I looked for it in Waterstones, that I discovered how beautiful the hardcover edition is. With a lovely detailed illustration that spread across the front and back covers. The two-tone colour also really works well with the turquoise sea winding across it. I also especially like the typeface use for the title, hints of Japan in the Ts.

The back cover holds a lovely torii gate.

Even the inner pages are nicely printed.

I haven't started to actually read the book yet, and probably won't do for a while – I have a pile of library books to get through first. But for now, I can admire the fine design.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Totoro in Toy Story

I was very pleased to see Miyazaki's Totoro in Toy Story 3 earlier today. It was a really good film too, well worth the ten (or however many years it has been) wait. Now I'm off to go play with my Toy Story figures... (not).


"With the help of Google Earth, Jeffrey Tribe has discovered 12 human heads emerging from the British coastline, as presented in his project, Headlands."- Creative Review

This series on a whole is pretty interesting. Although some are more face-like than others. This one, however, has to be shared simply because it is in Falmouth.

Going to look on Google Earth for it now!

EDIT: Sadly, I still cannot find it on Google Earth. However, I have been reading up about the Morgawr sea monster, which I didn't know about before. And here's a cute painting of it:

Check out the knockerpedia, much fun.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Fal mini break: St Ives

I'd never been to St Ives by train before. It takes quite a long time. Three different trains from Falmouth, but still only £7 (could have been less, but I forgot my railcard). The last stretch of the journey is very pretty 'though, right along the sea edge with miles of golden sand.

Music philosophy posters

This is the kind of thing I wish I could do. In fact, I'm sure I could do it if I picked out the right lyrics.

"Music Philosophy is a weekly project by designer Mico Toledo - who unites his love of music and typography, in the creation of illustrated song lyrics. Toledo takes lyrics from songs he enjoys listening to and produces an illustration that incorporates, as a general rule, a variety of typefaces. Here are a few examples of illustrations created for the project." - Creative Review

EDIT: I decided I'm not just going to post the same images CR did. I will pick my own faves.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Inspiration Falmouth art gallery

I went in a lot of the little galleries in Falmouth, Trelissick and St Ives. It is no surprise that subject matter for painting in Cornwall is usually the sea/boats/cliffs/etc, but it is something that never seems to get old. Some artists have their own unique way of portraying Cornish scenes. I particularly like those who paint a painting, not something photorealistic.

There was an exhibition of boats on in one of the rooms at Falmouth art gallery. These were my favourite two artists - I look some rather bad snaps of the paintings.

Alexander Creswell
I love how he paints the waves - colour, texture, movement.

I suggest looking at his website or the gallery one for better images!
Philippe Gavin
The whole of each painting is like water.

I've been doing a bit of painting myself, but nothing like theses... yet.

Fal mini break: Helford river cruise

I've wanted to go on this river cruise for a while now. It was certainly worth the wait as the scenery was spectacular. Highly recommend to anyone in Falmouth/Cornwall. However, it helped that the weather was reasonable.