Saturday, 25 September 2010

Roaming across Cornwall III

Note: Not sure why this blog has taken a while, so many trees.

Off on our way to Looe Pool (where the sea meets a lake, with a bar or
sand between), from Porthleven.

 I found a big furry caterpillar. (Nicer than the one in my mange tout).
After that walk, we headed off to Glendurgan gardens, where there were lots
and lots of lovely trees.
The very, very tall tree.
 Helford passage.
The tree intwined with something red. And a maze.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Roaming across Cornwall II

Cloudy morning in Praa sands.
Lovely handwritten sign, and a US mailbox.
And onto, Chapel Porth - a lovely scenic spot near St Agnes.
Just look at that view.


Not everyone grows up to be an astronaut,
not everyone was born to be a king.
Not everyone can be Freddie Mercury,
but everyone can raise a glass and sing:
"Well, I may not be a perfect kind of person,
I may not be what mum and dad had dreamed.
But on the day I die I'll say 'At least I fucking tried,
and that's the only eulogy I need.'"
I love Frank Turner. Genius.

Roaming across Cornwall I

As my parents have been down for this week, staying in a cottage at Praa sands, I have been able to get around Cornwall the last few days. Seeing some things I wouldn't normally get to see because it is hard without a car. And it was nice to spend some time with mammy and daddy before they go home and I stay here. But of course, I'm in the best place in the country.

Chysauster ancient village
Up really high where, if it wasn't so misty, you could see for miles.
And then, onwards to tin mines and engine houses!
These were taken at a random tin mine on the side of the road, somewhere between
Pendeen and St Just. Basically the very West of Cornwall (and Britain!)
Okay, so this is where it was! I knew taking photos of signs was useful.
 Then we stopped at Geever mine, but just for a lovely (much needed) cup of coffee.
We didn't go in and learn about mining, but we did go inside another engine house,
where I got in for free. :)
 So many well balanced rocks, I even made my own.
And this is the beautiful Sennon.
In Praa sands, where my parents are/were staying.