Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Sunny day in London Town

I took a trip to London yesterday with my dad. We tend to go several times a year, see some art/design/interesting exhibitions and drink coffee. Managed to fit in this last trip before I head back to Falmouth. In a way, I wish I lived closer to London all year round. It is an amazing city, there's always something you've never seen before. Not to mention the live music you get in London. (Ahh, Band of Horses announced dates for Jan/Feb – very small chance of me being able to get to London.)

But anyway, looking forward to my uni trip to London in November. And onto the photos...

I've never been to the British Library before but from what little of it I saw (such a big place) it was great. As a lover of all things book related I really have no idea why I have never been. I went to an exhibition called Magnificent Maps. Photos were not allowed but here are some pictures from the website:

Maps are great. It was a really good exhibition. Read more on the website.

William Blake's Newton, sculpted by someone else...
St Pancras (station) looks like a palace.

We also went to an exhibition of Chinese prints (ranging from 12th century to modern day), at the British Museum. Again, no photos were allowed in that particular exhibit but I did note down some print titles and artists to look up soon.

Never been to this part of London before!
God knows why I've never seen this view before...
What is the glass building? I like it.
I do rather like glass buildings.
I will do a separate post with photos from the Design Museum.
Floating building.
I've never seen/been to the Tower of London before… very disappointed – it's not even a tower!

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