Sunday, 10 October 2010

Dairy today

I was just browsing through Pentagram's recent editorial work, partly in research for my project, partly just because I wanted to. Anyway, I love these magazine covers for 'Dairy Today'. I didn't even really know such magazines existed – so, it is very nice to see them with effective and simply designed/photographed covers.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Drawing letters

First full day at university, second year. And it has been a full packed, tiring, 9.30–4.30 day.

The morning was mostly spent drawing As.
We were given a printed version of the typeface Centaur, B-Z. The first task was to draw the lower case A. Probably sounds easier than it is. But it was interesting, and pretty fun for a type geek like me.

And then, after being shown what the real A looked like, we attempted to copy that as accurately as possible.

Next comes tracing whole sentences, and then even a paragraph (or starting to).

Finally, started on a full hand rendered A3 poster. Grids and all.