Thursday, 29 December 2011

Bletchley Park: Museum of Computing

I've lived in Milton Keynes all of my life, went to college in Bletchley and never ever saw Bletchley Park – it is right next door. But today, dad and I went. At least, we went to the Museum of Computing which is situated inside Bletchley Park. We had limited time due to Winter opening hours but do have an annual ticket now so we can go back and actually see Enigma and all that.

But anyway, the Museum of Computing was very good. I took a lot of photographs, but sadly I cannot explain what all of computers and machines are/do.

I like to start with a tree.
Griffin and traffic cone.
Signs are good.
And then we actually get to the Museum of Computing.
Apple is king in the top/middle.
Thinking the museum needs a little bit of a re-design.
I believe this is a calculator.
Big computer!
I liked the buttons.
Apple Macintosh.
This evolved into my MacBook.
We used to have something similar to this.
I got to play on a Macintosh SE, from about 1989. Yeah, older than me.
Graphics tablet.
Computer built into desk.
Phones are mini computers too.
Before the iPad…
We used to have these at college.
And to finish. A batman joystick.
But just a few bits from Bletchley park as well.

Monday, 26 December 2011


I, lover of books, have got an Amazon Kindle. Which is not to say I am going to stop buying physical books, or enjoying them as I do. But I like the idea of being able to read a lot more, and take multiple books or articles with me. 

So far I've downloaded about 15 free classic books, such as Dracula and Pride & Prejudice. Most of which I've barely read any of before. On the screen in this photograph is a tale of Robin Hood.

Very good Christmas gift.