Monday, 24 January 2011

Essay submission

Essay is due in this Thursday. I had pretty much completed it over the Christmas break, so there was very little that I need to add to it. I basically just added an extra quote or two, shuffled some bits around and made any grammatical/spelling corrections after two of my friends read it through. I am pleased with it anyway, so I hope I get a decent grade.

A few people mentioned laying out their essays in InDesign, which I hadn't planned to do, but this evening I thought "hey, why not?"I didn't do anything over-the-top, just set a simple grid and four columns. Keeping certain information to the left hand side on each page, in its own larger margin.

Note the similarity index - the lower number the less you have copied and the
less "plagiarism". I'm impressed, that means I wrote an awful lot myself! Haha.
2551 words


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