Saturday, 5 February 2011

Don't be spineless

I read an interesting article on the Creative Review blog last night, regarding book spines. The spine is, more often than not, the part of the book that you see on a shelf. It has to grab you in some way to take the book in your hands and look at the cover and the blurb
on the back.

"The point is that while book design is largely celebrated in terms of what front covers and jackets look like, the spine can be an oft-neglected dead zone. And this is crazy, because in a bookshop it's what customers are presented with in their hundreds, aside from those copies fortunate enough to be displayed facing outwards, of course. Perhaps the rise of browsing online has removed the need to treat the spine as a significant part of the design? In any case, it's the reader who has to put up with any potential design horrors once it's up on the bookshelf." – more book cover analysis.

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