Thursday, 31 March 2011

TIme for another trip to London

A trip to London felt a little overdue, and so today I went to the Design Museum for Wim Crouwel's A Graphic Odyssey exhibition. Even saw the man himself in the cafe after browsing the exhibition (and the Brit Insurance Designs of the Year) for an hour and a half.

But before all of that, I saw me first real Guttenberg bible, at the British Library. Plus lots of other beautiful manuscripts and printed books, as well as a gander around the Evolving English exhibiton.

Southwark cathedral.
 Where did this building spring from? The Shard apparently.
Some nice signs and food at Borough Market.
Nom, mushrooms.
I didn't have any 'spicy cider' but I did have this scrummy veggie fajita.

The following Design Museum photographs are taken from the Creative Review blog, as I was not allowed to take photographs. However, I highly recommend going to the Wim Crouwel exhibition yourself!

Wim's original font sketches were fascinating, really encouraging me to go find some graph paper and draw some letters. It was also interesting seeing how these sketches have been turned into a digitalised typeface for today.

I have mostly only photographed the graphic design awards of the show although there were lots of other great designs, ranging from architecture to transport. Take a look at the website.

This is an edible book.
Another book.
The graphics winner.
 Wall piercings?
 Smallest book I've ever seen.
 Shiny book.

And that is all.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Embroidered book jackets

Penguin threads deluxe classics, Jillian Tamaki -
"Penguin Classics! What a dream project. I said I wouldn’t take commissions in embroidery… unless Penguin called me for a Penguin Classics cover. Sometimes you get what you wish for (times three)."

View the last cover, and other illustrations by Jillian Tamaki, here.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

A Sunday afternoon at Willen

Today my aunt and uncle came to visit. We had a lovely dinner and then went to Willen Lake in the afternoon - the Peace Pagoda/village.

Of course, I took photographs of trees.

My diddy camera isn't bad at macro.
This is Spring.