Saturday, 30 April 2011

Nigel Peake

Today I think I found my favourite illustrator. I had a flick through this book and fell in love. It helps that the very last illustration, after the acknowledgements/whatever details are in the back, is a neat little tree. Hoorah!

And according to Amazon, it's only been out for about a month. I didn't buy the book there on the spot, but have now added it to my wish list.

After doing a bit of research it seems Nigel Peake is most famous for his unique maps. Plus, he is in fact an tutor of architecture at Edinburgh School of Architecture, not necessarily an illustrator.

I really didn't manage to find my favourite examples of his illustrations that I saw in the book. In fact, I think only one of those images is actually in In the Wilds. The last image is from another book, 'Maps' which also looks great.

The 'drawings' section on his website seems to be under construction! I shall have to buy a book!

Design Research Unit 1942-72

"Formed in London in 1942, The Design Research Unit was the first consultancy in Britain to bring together expertise in architecture, graphics and industrial design. They pioneered a model for multidisciplinary practice with an approach that was shaped by inter-war developments in artistic discourse and post war trends in industry and communication; in particular the accelerated demand for corporate design." - Tate St Ives

The only image that the Tate seems to be sharing online, regarding this exhibition.

The exhibition was only in one room of the Tate but it was really good, and well worth the £3.75. The Design Research Unit is not something I had heard of before seeing this exhibition listed in Grafik magazine last month.

Misha Black, Marcus Brumwell, Milner Gray and Herbert Read were the original brains behind the DRU. The DRU was responsible for work on the 1951 Festival of Britain.

A nice graphic map for that. Featured in the exhibition.

They also designed the British Rail logo and did their branding! I feel I definitely should have known that before, well, I do now.

I just found that book cover here. Incidentally there is a set of photos from the same exhibition, just not at St Ives! So have a look. Anyway, DRU also designed the Westminster Street signs - which I love.

Why have I never wondered who designed them?

And why couldn't I find my own photo of a sign? Surely I must have photographed at least one of these before! Nothing in my "signs & lettering" folder however. Haha.

So, great exhibition.

A day out in St Ives

Today, Ellinor and I took a little trip to St Ives today. Mostly just to go to the Design Research Unit exhibition at the Tate but also had plenty of time for a wander around the town as well. Will post a separate blog about the exhibition, meanwhile here's a few phone photos.

Gnome money box, unfortunately I didn't buy it.
There seems to be lots of Norway references in St Ives.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Illustrated Tweets

My dad sent me a link to this video. It's a nice idea, illustrating some of the odd and amusing things people tweet on Twitter. Going to have a look through their illustrations now.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Trelissick & Mylor

Had an Easter Sunday day out with my parents, who are down for the weekend, at Trelissick and Mylor. There were lots of trees and Trelissick and boats at Mylor.

The gardens.

And Mylor.