Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Berlin: day one

And so it begins.

What's this? Double decker trains?

The Bauhaus Archive did not allow photography inside, although I've got some leaflets and bits. The main permanent exhibition was not as big as I thought it would be, and was also seriously lacking in graphic design. I know the Bauhaus school specialised in all form of design but it would have been nice to see a little bit more of their graphics.

However! There was an exhibition of Erik Spiekermann's graphic design and typography work, which was brilliant. Here's a decent blog about it - with photographs.

So, from me, here are just some photographs of the outside.

Graphic design! Just the posters for sale 'though.
This is nice. Didn't see it until afterwards however, as we took a different entrance.
From bauhaus to gardens. The Tiergarten.
Tree with an eye.
 The Siegessäule, in the centre of Tiergarten, on a roundabout.
 Sony centre roof inside.
 Lunch. Bagel = yum.
Winterfeldt market
 Hotel letterbox.
Hotel courtyard.

Now, as my self-initiated graphic design brief at university, I have chosen to use going to Berlin and being a vegetarian as my subject. And so I will either be designing a vegetarian guide to Berlin, with the potential for other cities. Or, something more along the lines of, an exhibition showing that Germany/Berlin isn't just a straight meat eating (wurst sausage!) place, and that it is in fact a great place for vegetarian eating.

This is one of three stirctly veggie places that we ate at, Yellow Sunshine vegetarian fast food. It was yummy, although a tough decision to decide what to eat in the first place!

 Nom, nom, nom. This is a chili burger.
 And to finish day one, some trees.

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