Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Berlin: day two

Sunday was (as its name suggests) a sunny day in Berlin, most of which was spent in the zoo. I will create another blog post specifically for the zoo as there are a lot of photographs! But here's the rest of the day.

Berlin's U-Bahn (underground trains - although most aren't under ground!)
have a variety of platform signs.
Mauer park flea market - only two days later did we realise that 'mauer' means wall!
 It was like a cross between Camden market and a junk market. All good.
 I had a delicious chai latte, (and now have set myself the task of making one as good...)
Vegan burger place that wasn't actually open yet.
As we sat on a wall drinking tea, and coffee in dad's case, looking at the market.
We had no idea what we were sitting on was actually remains of the Berlin wall,
and this 
grassy patch was what used to be no mans land. Soon to be developed.
Note the green ampelmenn as soldiers.
Amazing Vietnamese vegetarian restaurant.
I did forget to photograph the food 'though.
What are these pipes?
TV tower in the evening. I believe Fernsehturm is its proper name.
Which may well mean 'TV tower' for all I know...
 What's up with the a?

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