Sunday, 17 April 2011

A brief visit to Camden Town and a longer stroll of Hampstead Heath

Having a 7 day London train ticket, and only using it for 5 days would have been a crime. So after having yesterday off - I made a good start on my essay, today I headed back to London. The main plan was to go to an exhibition entitled Food Glorious Food at the V&A Museum of Childhood, as I thought it would be useful for my self-initiated project.

A brief trip to an incredibly busy Camden Town.

One day I will go to this veggie cafe.
 I actually had falafel today. Not from here, and not in the traditional pitta.

And then, after walking towards Chalk Farm/the Roundhouse and then across to Kentish Town, I left central London for Highgate and Hampstead Heath.

I would rather like to live around here one day... bit expensive 'though. 
Hampstead heath was beautiful. It had a lot or trees.
Do I hear you say Tree Book no2?
The lopsided tree. Always more interesting than a symmetrical tree.
Can you see central London?
Just two weeks ago I was in Berlin, it was no where near this green there.
Well done England.
A tree photograph collection is never the same without an odd looking dead tree.
Oh, to live here...
I think I may be aiming a little high to want to live here...
But they have wonky chimneys.

For exhibition pictures, see next blog post!

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