Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Arcade Fire: The festival

The day is almost here - Arcade Fire in Hyde Park. I have already been considering it a mini festival with four other acts playing. Two of which I like a lot (Beirut and The Vaccines), one of which I have seen before and wasn't too impressed with (Mumford & Sons) and the other I didn't even know was playing until today (Owen Pallett) - not that it matters, I haven't heard of him!

Earlier today, I read an article that said AF plan to turn it into a special Suburbs-themed festival-like event. And judging by this map, they weren't kidding. I'm looking forward to watching their movie, Scenes from the Suburbs.

The Secret of Monkey Island

Yesterday was my first full day back home, and I was sick. Blerrgh. So I decided to download the Secret of Monkey Island for mac, and today I am well again.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Mono prints

These are some mono prints I did way back at the beginning of my first year. I dug them out on Wednesday and saved a few of the best, that I have now scanned in.

These two swirly ones are photocopies that have now been scanned in!

Apart from the A, they all remind me of Muse. Going to have a go at overlaying some Muse lyrics in InDesign.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Cemetery stroll

Lauren and I took a spontaneous late afternoon stroll today. My first choice of destination wasn't the beach, although we did technically also go to two/maybe three beaches, but the cemetery! I, of course, photographed some trees whilst Lauren took a lot of photographs of the friendly ducks. The ducks were at Swanpool and not the cemetery 'though.

It was a nice walk.

Morning Coffee

It's actually midnight, and so a bit early for morning coffee - and a bit late for evening coffee. But I really like this poster, visually and in its message. Rhyming is fun.

It's also kind of appropriate as I have very nearly run out of coffee. There's really only enough for two cups, and I have 6 days left in Falmouth/my flat. Dilemma.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Neil Price

I met Neil Price at the beginning of this (school) year, although we have both lived in the same block of flats for the last two years. For the whole year I have seen him working incredibly hard to produce a massive and detailed painting depicting a previously un-painted scene in the Spanish Armada. I've seen the sketches, modeled as a sailor and helped to build model boats - the anchors were mine!

The final year illustration exhibition is now up at Woodlane and I'm going to have a look this afternoon. I already know Neil's painting is completely different to the rest of the illustration course which is nice, although I'm sure there's some other great stuff as well.

Here's a screenshot of his website, but you really need to see the painting for real if you're in Falmouth. No excuses.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

A super birthday

Not mine. But Joel's. It was super because it was superhero themed. And here's the birthday card I made him. We are both comic (Watchmen in particular) fans.

The Wolverine is because I am Wolverine (although not from Watchmen, of course),
and Joel is the Comedian.

I am aware neither of them are entirely accurate...

Thursday, 16 June 2011


Today I made an amazing online discovery - Issuu. Basically, you can upload multiple page pdfs to create online magazine/book(s) with page turning and zoom etc. I'm sure there's loads of other sites that do this but it's not something I've looked into before.

Here's my Book of Trees!

 Open publication - Free publishing

Make sure to full screen it.

Graphic Design Graduates 2011

The first and second (I am second) years got to have a sneaky look at the graphic design graduate exhibition today. I spent over 2 hours walking around, and for the most part, looking in detail at all the work on display. There's some really amazing stuff. Makes me excited but its also a bit scary to think that I'll be in that position in a years time.

Anyway, it was very good to look - no doubt I will be going around again next week. Meanwhile, I gathered some business cards of my favourite graduates. I plan to look through their websites in more detail and perhaps post some of their work here.

In the next few days, I hope, the From Falmouth website will be updated with everyones work. I will update when it is, for now you can view the two previous years graduates.


I saw this in the road last night when I was going out, but it was getting dark and I was running late. I cursed myself for not taking a photograph, but luckily it was still there today! Ketchup lying in the road. Roadkill.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Can't see the Wood

for the Trees.

I might need some more tree quotes.


Letters of the alphabet variety, and some rather nice ones too.

Aaand I found them here. The project is named 'Favourite & Found Letter Project' which makes me think that I should use my photographs of found letters and draw some of the more interesting ones. Inspiration is good!

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Welcome to the Jungle

Us creatives are pretty good with costumes.
(photos nabbed from Facebook)

Monday, 6 June 2011

Flickr sets

As it's now a new month I have been able to add some more photos to my Flickr account. I like how my sets look with their neat little square thumbnails.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

A Weekend in Plymouth

This weekend I went to Plymouth with Jo (who is originally from Plymouth, or near enough) and attended a lovely free music festival in Freedom Park. I got to see one of my favourite bands, Crazy Arm, after almost a year - I last saw them at 2000 Trees Festival (the anniversary of which is coming up in about a month, I will cut off my wrist band on that date). But anyway, Crazy Arm were indeed awesome, as was everything else about the day.

Cafe Nero lunch before festival.
Then the warm walk to Freedom Park, pausing to photograph a nice sign.
Band whose name I have forgotten, but they were quite good.
Mad Dog McRae
 And then we went to the front. Side of stage.
Should have seen this at the beginning.
Enter Crazy Arm, the best local(ish) band around.
Front row seats.

That foot belongs to a crowd surfer. Bearing in mind the front crowd was only about 20 people.
No veggie burgers, so cheesy chips had to do.
 A tree...
A little bit of reggae. I do like reggae/ska brass instrumentation.
Headliners, Patrickjamespearson band from a distance.
 They had some technical difficulties for half an hour so, sadly, a very short set.

And today we went to Plymouth Hoe, where there is a lighthouse known as Smeaton's Tower - this lighthouse is the only thing I remember from a family holiday visit to Plymouth years ago. I know me and dad went up in the lighthouse whilst mum and Mike (brother) sat on the grass with ice creams.