Wednesday, 28 September 2011

There is a reason I still buy CDs

The Subways' Money & Celebrity arrived today, making it the third physical album I have bought this month. Despite being in the age of iTunes, I still like to buy CDs. Especially when they are packaged like this, with thoughtful design.

I guess artists have univerally taken on the concept of using cardboard sleeves
for their albums rather than the old plastic boxes. This is much better.
Money & Celebrity
It has a bonus disc!
And the inside "booklet" is the most amazing. Similar to Chuck Ragan's playing with type
but creating a whole newspaper for the album. Which makes sense with the concept of the
album being celebrities, who appear in the news!

I found who designed the cover artwork for the album, Dots of Joy, although I'm not sure if they did the whole package. I shall have to read the small print on the album and see if it says!

Thursday, 22 September 2011


Or heart-wrenching, as I put on Twitter. This is tragically beautiful.

A Hound and a Little Bird by Tribemun on deviantArt.
I love the (vaguely) graphic novel style.

Illustrating a part of the battle of Blackwater scene from A Clash of Kings, when Sandor offers (somewhat violently [but with love in his heart, honest]) to take Sansa away from King's Landing. You should have gone with him Sansa!

Sandor is seriously my favourite character in A Song of Ice and Fire, and he's not even a main character. I can't wait for season two of the tv show to see this scene, and others. Good book that second one.

Revival Café, Bristol

For the last two-three weeks, I have been working on a menu design for a café in Bristol. Revival Café – the website isn't up yet, but when it is find it here and until then, read these reviews. All the final tweaks have been made and I can finally show it to the world!

Inside spread
And the back

I will photograph an actual menu soon. When I receive one from Mike, owner of the lovely Revival Café. Although they are only just read to go to print.

I've also been working on lots of menus on my work placement, among other things, so I will share some of those tomorrow or over the weekend. I rather like menu design.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


I can't believe R.E.M. have split up. They are the band of my childhood, due to being dad's favourite band – or at least one of them. I still love them now, having seen them live twice. But saddens me a great deal to hear of their end.

I wanted to embed the video for Losing my Religion here, but it seems YouTube/R.E.M./their record label aren't allowing it. So here's a link instead.

Monday, 19 September 2011

The Subways @ Princess Pavilion

The Subways have been one of my favourite bands for quite a long time now, after being introduced to them by my best friend. I took her to see them, way back in... *consults gig list* ...2007 and also saw them headline 2000 Trees Festival last year. I have to say they were quite possibly the best band of the weekend, and that's considering Frank Turner was playing!

I think it's something about being at the front and the immense energy The Subways have. I have been at the front all three times I have seen them, and last night was the best yet. Probably the best gig I've been to in Falmouth as well, and The King Blues were hard to beat.

On with the photographs!

I didn't photograph the first band, they were quite pleasant and a local band I think. Which is cool. Second support band were called Straight Lines and I believe they are one Xtra Mile - Frank Turner/Crazy Arm's record label. Which made them instantly worth a good listen. They were really good, I will listen to them some more. They're from Ponty, South Wales and you could definitely tell. I mean in the music style not their accents!

I have the same guitar.

Waiting for The Subways a little longer than anticipated. I get so impatient at gigs, but it's always worth the wait. Last night was no exception.

This is one of my favourite photos of the night.
Billy on his drum stand (as in a platform designed for him to stand on the drum).
As you can see, we were pretty close.
Red hair, red guitar, red Converse. Meet Billy Lunn.
Silly security man always in my way, but I like the photo anyway.
Action shot!
"This is where I'm going to jump into the crowd!"
And this is where he does.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Chuck Ragan: Covering Ground

Chuck Ragan is a fine, and most definitely manly (Twitter jokes - have a read), punk come folk musician. He is the founder and host of the Revival Tour – which Lindsay and I will be attending in October. I'ma traveling up from Cornwall to London for it, so it better be good! No doubt it will be.

Anyway, his new album is out this week and the packaging is rather nice. Particularly the lyrics, which are on the back of a fold out poster. Now I'm sure you're supposed to have the nice photo of Chuck, Jon and Joe up on your wall, but I prefer the lyrics side! Ah, graphic design-ness.

I took a bad shot at scanning it and piecing it together.

Oh, I suggest listening to his music too! Chuck is amazing.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Badger Ale re-design

My dad is a fan of Badger Ales and I'm a fan of the badger, plus collecting bottle caps. We even went to the brewery in Dorset and bought pint classes with the logo on, but that was several years ago. Now Badger has had a re-design and it's great.

At first I thought it was maybe only one bottle. I noticed Hopping Hare looking very different to the old Badger branding, it really stood out. Thus I made dad purchase one for himself. He hasn't drunk it yet so I've been able to photograph it. Yesterday, I spotted another new Badger bottle - an ale with ginger, not to be missed.

I should probably show you what Badger Ales looked like before, for those unfamiliar with the brand!

So upon doing a little internet research, I've discovered that the re-design was done by Brand Opus, read their blog about the new Badger Ales here.

“The brand framework we created for Badger unifies the range of characterful countryside inspired ales. Whilst on an individual level, expressing the quirky traits of each of the unique personalities of the ales.
The overall re-design gives Badger a stronger on-shelf presence that allows consumers to understand and engage with the brand more meaningfully, and recognise the Badger portfolio over other brands in the ale category.”
- foodiesouthwest

I think it really works. Each ale has more character now, while the new leaping Badger logo remains prominent across the whole range. It's got more consistency as well as a bold, modern yet well suited appearance.

Here's some other positive opinions on the re-design:

Friday, 2 September 2011

London was a'Calling

If I don't visit London for a few months, I start itching to go. This happened. So ma and I went today. We tackled two exhibitions, coffee, burgers, Covent Garden and plenty of sunshine (plus some trees).

First, the British Library for an exhibition on science fiction – Out of this World. It has persuaded me to read some of the classics of the sci-fi genre, HG Wells etc. Although may still be a while before I read one.

Exhibition posters. It was no photography so no photos from
the exhibition, but take my word for it, it was good!
I spotted the nice medieval illustration murals at Charing Cross last time
I was there but didn't stop to take photographs, today I did.
I like them a lot. Makes a change from advertisements.
Illustrated tree.
Real tree.
On a little stroll through Embankment gardens.
There were some statues of famous people I have never heard of. Haha.
Random interesting doors on the walk to Somerset House.
We went to Somerset House/The Courtald Gallery for this exhibition.
I'm not sure if I was allowed to take photographs, but I didn't anyway.
Here's some internet finds. Henry Toulouse Lautrec.
Covent garden.
and a fine string quartet.