Monday, 5 September 2011

Badger Ale re-design

My dad is a fan of Badger Ales and I'm a fan of the badger, plus collecting bottle caps. We even went to the brewery in Dorset and bought pint classes with the logo on, but that was several years ago. Now Badger has had a re-design and it's great.

At first I thought it was maybe only one bottle. I noticed Hopping Hare looking very different to the old Badger branding, it really stood out. Thus I made dad purchase one for himself. He hasn't drunk it yet so I've been able to photograph it. Yesterday, I spotted another new Badger bottle - an ale with ginger, not to be missed.

I should probably show you what Badger Ales looked like before, for those unfamiliar with the brand!

So upon doing a little internet research, I've discovered that the re-design was done by Brand Opus, read their blog about the new Badger Ales here.

“The brand framework we created for Badger unifies the range of characterful countryside inspired ales. Whilst on an individual level, expressing the quirky traits of each of the unique personalities of the ales.
The overall re-design gives Badger a stronger on-shelf presence that allows consumers to understand and engage with the brand more meaningfully, and recognise the Badger portfolio over other brands in the ale category.”
- foodiesouthwest

I think it really works. Each ale has more character now, while the new leaping Badger logo remains prominent across the whole range. It's got more consistency as well as a bold, modern yet well suited appearance.

Here's some other positive opinions on the re-design:

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