Monday, 19 September 2011

The Subways @ Princess Pavilion

The Subways have been one of my favourite bands for quite a long time now, after being introduced to them by my best friend. I took her to see them, way back in... *consults gig list* ...2007 and also saw them headline 2000 Trees Festival last year. I have to say they were quite possibly the best band of the weekend, and that's considering Frank Turner was playing!

I think it's something about being at the front and the immense energy The Subways have. I have been at the front all three times I have seen them, and last night was the best yet. Probably the best gig I've been to in Falmouth as well, and The King Blues were hard to beat.

On with the photographs!

I didn't photograph the first band, they were quite pleasant and a local band I think. Which is cool. Second support band were called Straight Lines and I believe they are one Xtra Mile - Frank Turner/Crazy Arm's record label. Which made them instantly worth a good listen. They were really good, I will listen to them some more. They're from Ponty, South Wales and you could definitely tell. I mean in the music style not their accents!

I have the same guitar.

Waiting for The Subways a little longer than anticipated. I get so impatient at gigs, but it's always worth the wait. Last night was no exception.

This is one of my favourite photos of the night.
Billy on his drum stand (as in a platform designed for him to stand on the drum).
As you can see, we were pretty close.
Red hair, red guitar, red Converse. Meet Billy Lunn.
Silly security man always in my way, but I like the photo anyway.
Action shot!
"This is where I'm going to jump into the crowd!"
And this is where he does.

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