Wednesday, 28 September 2011

There is a reason I still buy CDs

The Subways' Money & Celebrity arrived today, making it the third physical album I have bought this month. Despite being in the age of iTunes, I still like to buy CDs. Especially when they are packaged like this, with thoughtful design.

I guess artists have univerally taken on the concept of using cardboard sleeves
for their albums rather than the old plastic boxes. This is much better.
Money & Celebrity
It has a bonus disc!
And the inside "booklet" is the most amazing. Similar to Chuck Ragan's playing with type
but creating a whole newspaper for the album. Which makes sense with the concept of the
album being celebrities, who appear in the news!

I found who designed the cover artwork for the album, Dots of Joy, although I'm not sure if they did the whole package. I shall have to read the small print on the album and see if it says!

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