Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Revival Tour 2011

I travelled up from Falmouth to London just to be a part of The Revival Tour. It was unmissable in my eyes, and I even missed an awesome party in Fal-town to go to it. (To be fair, I had train tickets booked long before the party was announced, but hey, I'm gutted I missed the party.)

The gig was like no other. Four artists, all from punk bands playing folk music; Chuck Ragan of Hot Water Music and the founder/creator of The Revival Tour, Brian Fallon of The Gaslight Anthem, Dave Hause of The Loved Ones, Dan Andriano of Alkaline Trio, plus Jon Gaunt and Joe Ginsberg who play fiddle and double bass (to be honest, I'm not entirely sure who is who.) And they literally all played non-top for almost 4 hours, taking it in turns to play each other's songs.

We got a tiny bit delayed on the way to Shepherd's Bush and arrived just as the show
was starting. Here's the view from behind the bar at the back.
We didn't stick to the back for long.
Dave Hause played some of his songs first. He's awesome.
Chuck modeling a stylish hat, because he can.
Some special guests joined. Not sure who they were...
Double bass man (Joe) has amazing moustache. But also moves a lot.
Hello Dave in the darkness.
Guy in the beanie is Dan, whom I was not familiar with before yesterday.
Brian had a lot of entertaining ramblings as usual.
"I've left stains on tables from here to Germany."
Brian on his dislike for coasters.
This other chap is Ian Perkins, the other half of the Horrible Crowes.
Edging closer.
Look at that pose!
This would have been ultimately better without the head shadow.
But lookit them sing their hearts out.
Dave somehow finds his way to that back of the crowd and surfs back to the stage.
And I'll finish with my best/favourite photograph.

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