Thursday, 6 October 2011

R.I.P. Steve Jobs

It was 1.30am last night/this morning (I'm a student, I'm allowed to be awake at that time) when I read the news about Steve Jobs on Twitter. At first I thought it was a crude joke but then I remembered he had been pretty ill, and so a sad day it is. My Macbook is probably my favourite possession and the iPod is a pretty neat invention. He seriously changed the world.

I approve of Francesco Mugnai's words:

"Millions of people are talking about his death. The U.S. president is talking about him, his “rivals” are talking about him, everyone is talking about him. Indeed, in just 56 years, he had reached a true state of semi-divinity. He was a symbol of innovation, of humanity, of change."

"Steve was adopted, he did not graduate, he had no money. He changed the world. What excuse do we have not to change ourselves and our life? Personal transformation is the most powerful weapon for changing humanity and the planet. That’s the biggest lesson that Steve has left us. R.I.P Steve Jobs."

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