Tuesday, 29 November 2011

A[n unconventional] history of graphic design

I think every graphic designer should have this in their life. I want.

"Graphic Design History for Rainy Days is a charming take on the medium and, as is the current vogue, the book even contains a selection of cut-out designers, your own Bauhaus diploma, and a miniature Apple Macintosh that can be assembled in about 10 minute. This is one for the Christmas list." Creative Review

Monday, 28 November 2011

Against Me! & Frank Turner @ Hammersmith Apollo

So I popped up to London yesterday to see Frank Turner play his largest ever headline show. To be honest, I mainly went because Against Me! (an awesome American punk band) were announced as the support act. Obviously, I love Frank dearly, but with Against Me! as well I just couldn't miss it.

I had my 5/6 hours train journey to get there, met my dad (who has seen Frank a couple of times as well) and headed to Hammersmith for a spectacular show.

We were on the balcony which means my photographs are pretty bad because of the distance. But I took some anyway, and besides, the sound was really good. I could see better than the camera makes out!

First support was Emily Barker & the Red Clay Halo, a folk band from Australia.
Frank came on and sang with them.
Against Me! were incredible. And brilliantly loud.
  They played at least 10 songs with very little gaps between.
I wished I was downstairs to jump/dance around.
Really need to see them at their own show soon.
Everything was quite prompt, so we didn't have to wait long for Mr Turner!
And The Sleeping Souls!
I was very pleased that he played Redemption as I have not heard it live before.
I should point out, I have now seen Frank six times.
The Red Clay Halo girls added their strings and accordion to some songs.
And Nigel (drummer) does like to climb things.
Frank did his cover of Somebody to Love by Queen. Brilliant as at Northampton.
And boom! The logo is revealed. I did wonder where it was.
The Red Clay Halo and Against Me! join for the encore.
And then comes confetti.

I think I've worked out that I must have spent over £50 just on travel for this. I also bought a t-shirt yesterday – mens small because the ladies one sucked. So it has amounted up to an expensive venture but totally worth it.

And now me and Lindsay are booked up to see Frank & The Sleeping Souls headline Wembley Arena in April. I wasn't planning on going, but I don't think it's one that can be missed! I'm hoping for Crazy Arm as opening act.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Ice skating at Eden

Yesterday evening after handing in our dissertations (at least for me and Ellinor), the sea swimmers took a mini bus to the Eden Project for an evening of nature, Wintery lights and ice skating. It was a really great evening and I'm glad I went along, despite not actually skating (I absolutely hate ice skating!) Instead, I took photographs.

Eden is pretty damn nice at night.
Yay, tree with lights!
Soup and cream teas before looking around.
My soup was good.
Lee photographs Oakley's clotted cream birdie.
Coffee machine looks like robot-creature.
The endless stair.
A photo blog from me wouldn't be a photo blog without some signs.
Dan found a lizard.
Couldn't find Rafiki.
And back outside again.
And into the ice rink.
Very nicely decorated.
Getting ready to skate.
Couldn't resist photographing a sign with a moose. Plus it's hand painted.
Me and Grace watch/photographed from over here.
Ellinor, Anna and Richard are go. In a blur…
Ellinor, being used to skating on icey lakes in Norway, is a natural.
Spinning in circles was attempted.
Want one of those penguins.
Glad I could capture this.
And then the lights parade.
We got to hold triangular lanterns.