Saturday, 26 November 2011

Ice skating at Eden

Yesterday evening after handing in our dissertations (at least for me and Ellinor), the sea swimmers took a mini bus to the Eden Project for an evening of nature, Wintery lights and ice skating. It was a really great evening and I'm glad I went along, despite not actually skating (I absolutely hate ice skating!) Instead, I took photographs.

Eden is pretty damn nice at night.
Yay, tree with lights!
Soup and cream teas before looking around.
My soup was good.
Lee photographs Oakley's clotted cream birdie.
Coffee machine looks like robot-creature.
The endless stair.
A photo blog from me wouldn't be a photo blog without some signs.
Dan found a lizard.
Couldn't find Rafiki.
And back outside again.
And into the ice rink.
Very nicely decorated.
Getting ready to skate.
Couldn't resist photographing a sign with a moose. Plus it's hand painted.
Me and Grace watch/photographed from over here.
Ellinor, Anna and Richard are go. In a blur…
Ellinor, being used to skating on icey lakes in Norway, is a natural.
Spinning in circles was attempted.
Want one of those penguins.
Glad I could capture this.
And then the lights parade.
We got to hold triangular lanterns.

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