Sunday, 18 December 2011

Home time!

It's almost home time, but for now, yep I'm still in Falmouth. I finished uni well over a week ago and it is now 7 days until Christmas – ahhh. I basically planned to stay here until now as I am seeing Seth Lakeman (folk musician) in Falmouth tonight, but I've made use of the extra week – working hard on dissertation, doing a bit of gift shopping in town and getting the house sorted for going home.

Last weekend I enjoyed the CSMSSC (sea swimming club) Christmas swim, dinner and social with my 'inflatable date' Carlos the crab.

And today I had my last swim of 2011. Yes, it was bloody cold but the conditions were good so we had a proper swim to the buoy. It's going to be tough in January/February as well.

Here's some photographs from the weekend.

I have made it took like it is always sunny but actually this last week has been terrible weather-wise. Rain and hail in sudden out bursts, and it's very cold now.

Tippex works well on pebbles.

Next time I blog I'll be back in good ol' Milton Keynes.

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