Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Mini graphics London meet

I met Alice, Becca and Ellinor in London yesterday. We spent the day at the British Museum and the Design Museum, with a spot of tourist sightseeing in between – Trafalgar Square. Although the weather was pretty extreme, rain and wind, we had a lovely day.

I didn't take any photographs in the British Museum as when I went several years ago I took a lot of photos - it was for college final major project research. But I stopped to photograph some trees, as we left BM. Also note, by then the sun had popped out to say hello.

And inside the Design Museum, they had a cardboard tree.
Plus fox and crow.
Big pencils are good pencils.
This was the main exhibition. Terence Conran is mostly a furniture/interior designer but there was some graphic design in there too to keep us happy. Of course, we can also appreciate other form of design!

Graphic patterns.
Vegetables are good.
Got enough teapots?
So, it turns out he created Habitat.
Good word that.
I thought this quote was worth keeping.
A photo for my brother, a carpenter.
I liked the sketches.

On the next floor up of the Design Museum, there was a big collection of landmarks in design. Immediately the road signs caught my eye.

I, of course, took photographs of all the informational signs that accompanied each
display for research! This is my dissertation topic after all.
Pictograms, yeah!
Some other, non-dissertation relevant designs.
Thought these two things were worth photographing.

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