Friday, 27 January 2012

Type with Jeremy Tankard

Yesterday I drew Ms. Lots of Ms.


This was in aid of a type workshop that I, and 15 others, attended today with font designer Jeremy Tankard. In which we took the letters we had each drawn and re-drew them into Font Lab, for mac. Or rather, Jeremy drew them with us telling him what changes we thought he should make. He was very speedy after years of designing his own fonts.

I was left with the impression that it would take me years to master the tools and really produce a unique well-designed font. I'm not entirely sure I'd have the patience for it, but I would like to try.

Jeremy gave us each a book (Type Book Two – the grey one) and a booklet for his font 'Redisturbed' which he talked about later on in his lecture. Which was also good.

I haven't had a chance to properly look through either of these but I've learnt so much today, and am glad I signed up for the workshop. Friday well spent with type. 

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