Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Pictogram headlines

I really ought to do a pictogram project after writing a dissertation on cross-cultural signage, with a large part being on pictograms I am fairly knowledgable on the subject.

These pictogram interpretations of newspaper headlines, by Stephen McCarthy, are brilliant. And very inspiring at that. Sadly he's not doing a headline a day any longer but it was a great idea. This project posted on Creative Review is also great, and what led me to these.

DOWNTURN BRITAIN: As the nation faces a new recession, Tory PM
Cameron ignores pain of real people and offers NO hope and NO answers


WAR ON THE PIG SOCIETY: Miliband targets snout-in-trough bankers

BUY! BUY! BUY! Tesco launch £500m price war in shopping bonanza

Monday, 27 February 2012

Nice little Hound

Stupidly excited for the 1st of April and the return of Game of Thrones. A Clash of Kings (the second book) is possibly my favourite in the series and is what season two of the show is based on. Sandor Clegane, otherwise known as The Hound, is my favourite not-so-major character.

This amazing illustration is courtesy of this deviantart artist person. Although I had to track the artist down through Tumblr. I hate Tumblr for its endless re-blogging without giving the original author/artist credit. Bah.

Monday, 20 February 2012

September Industry

One of the graduates at graphic design's Graduate Day on Friday said that if there was one blog we should look at it's September Industry. I'd never heard of it before then but it is simply brilliant. With only work of the highest quality and a clean, functional layout for the blog, it's definitely more like a journal than your typical graphic design blog.

"September Industry is an online design journal/resource that showcases the very best in international graphic design & communication and everything in between every week. Having been established in early 2008, the site has since gained a large following of readers and has consequently gone on to receive much praise and support from industry professionals in and around the UK. This recognition has only been made possible as result of September Industry’s dedication to the pursuit of good design."

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Info as Aid

Interesting, and very nicely animated, video for communication as aid, by Airside.

"Infoasaid is a collaborative project of two CDAC Network (Communicating with Disaster Affected Communities) members - Internews and the BBC World Service Trust partnering in a DfID funded consortium. Their central objective is to enhance the quality of humanitarian assistance by improving two way communications between aid agencies and disaster affected populations.

The objective of the animation is to make viewers aware of the need for aid agencies to establish two-way communication with crisis-affected communities as well as to legitimize communications as a valid form of aid in itself. The target audience for the film are staff of aid agencies and donor organisations as well as government decision makers."

Cat bus: the costume

So, I dressed up as cat bus yesterday for my housemate Ellinor's cat-themed birthday party. Certainly not an easy costume but I think I did it well!

Quite impressed by my own sewing skills.
But the face paint made it whole.
And of course, no cat party would be complete without the cat cam.

We got through two 24 exp films in the night so hopefully some of the photographs will come out alright! I have to work out where is actually best to take/send them to be developed first but looking forward to seeing how they turn out.

Meanwhile, I'm now sitting in my bright yellow sea swimming (club) hoodie, not sure if I still have yellow face paint left on my face or if it is just the hoodie illuminating my skin. It's that bright that it's hard to tell.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Jim Kazanjian's surreal scenes

Sadly these are not real places or photographs, but that makes the images even more incredible. I love anything vaguely Miyazaki-like. These images are definitely Miyazaki-esque.

"He never touches a camera and would more readily call his work “composites.” You see Jim’s a bit of magpie, plucking different pieces from his massive photographic archive to digitally produce new hi-res images (around 50 photos go into each individual work)." It's Nice That

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Grimm's Fairy Tales

I posted some work-in-progress screenshots and such for this project on my blog a while ago. But seeing as the design is now complete and on my website, it is time to share again.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012


I haven't the slightest interest in Valentine's Day, although I am attending a tapas night for singles tonight which will be great, but I do have an interest in Game of Thrones. So this, by Chris Bishop, is very nice.

As he says in his blog post, he has GoT prints for sale here.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Revival Café

So, I did some work for a café in Bristol back in September – re-designing their menu. I have finally got around to photographing the physical menu myself, thus updated my website.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

My first font: Stymie

I bought my first font yesterday, or 10 fonts to be precise, it was a proud moment. I present to you Stymie – of varying weights.

EDIT: Oh, and I intend to use this font for all of my self-branding/promotion. So, that means website, CV, print portfolio, business cards etc. Note the slightly different blog banner now. 

Friday, 3 February 2012

New & Old

It might have taken me four months to discover this video, but oh my god. Brian Fallon (main man in my favourite band, The Gaslight Anthem) and Chuck Ragan on The Revival Tour playing Neil Young's Heart of Gold and Rocking in the Free World. I basically grew up listening to Neil Young, thanks to my dad's excellent taste in music, and I still love his music today. I know a lot of people have covered Rocking in the Free World but this is special for me because I love Brian and Chuck so much.

Apparently this was the last night of the UK tour, which explains why they didn't play it at the show I went to. If only London had been the last night like it is on most band's tours. At least it's a great quality video anyway!

Patrick Baglee's 9 points on Selling Yourself

We had a great lecture this afternoon at Falmouth from Patrick Baglee, a designer, copywriter and general man of many job titles. He had wise words and advice on selling yourself and getting out there in the real world. But first, here's a few of the amusing and engaging things he said on his own career experiences.

"Stay in touch." Stay in touch with people you meet at university, whether they are fellow students, tutors or visiting lecturers.

"It's better to be interested than interesting." He said he wasn't sure where he got that quote from, but then added "Unless you're Stephen Fry. He's both."

He quoted Dieter Rams, on design, as saying "Less but better." Which is simple but makes so much sense.


Patrick Baglee's 9 points on Selling Yourself:

1. Learn to manage your time well.

2. Think about your work in different ways. The different ways you could have done the same project.

3. Know the company you are applying to; what was the last campaign they did? Which of their projects can you connect with the most? What is it you like about them in particular?

4. Ask "How much time have I got?" Because you know design studios are busy but you want to talk about your work as best as you can.

5. 42. The answer to life. But what is the question? Go through all the possibly questions you could be asked. Make a list.

6. Be different. Not only in your work but in the way you express yourself.

7. If they can't offer you a job, ask for advice on your work or if they can put you in touch with other studios - contacts.

8. As mentioned earlier, stay in touch.

9. Body language – "Look like you give a shit!"


And to finish, he showed an interview he conducted with Alan Fletcher (big name in graphic design, if you didn't know) where he answered student's questions. He had witty answers to some of the questions, while others he attempted to avoid entirely. But for me, this was particularly good.

Who would win a fight between an alligator and a shark?
AF A rhinoceros.