Friday, 3 February 2012

Patrick Baglee's 9 points on Selling Yourself

We had a great lecture this afternoon at Falmouth from Patrick Baglee, a designer, copywriter and general man of many job titles. He had wise words and advice on selling yourself and getting out there in the real world. But first, here's a few of the amusing and engaging things he said on his own career experiences.

"Stay in touch." Stay in touch with people you meet at university, whether they are fellow students, tutors or visiting lecturers.

"It's better to be interested than interesting." He said he wasn't sure where he got that quote from, but then added "Unless you're Stephen Fry. He's both."

He quoted Dieter Rams, on design, as saying "Less but better." Which is simple but makes so much sense.


Patrick Baglee's 9 points on Selling Yourself:

1. Learn to manage your time well.

2. Think about your work in different ways. The different ways you could have done the same project.

3. Know the company you are applying to; what was the last campaign they did? Which of their projects can you connect with the most? What is it you like about them in particular?

4. Ask "How much time have I got?" Because you know design studios are busy but you want to talk about your work as best as you can.

5. 42. The answer to life. But what is the question? Go through all the possibly questions you could be asked. Make a list.

6. Be different. Not only in your work but in the way you express yourself.

7. If they can't offer you a job, ask for advice on your work or if they can put you in touch with other studios - contacts.

8. As mentioned earlier, stay in touch.

9. Body language – "Look like you give a shit!"


And to finish, he showed an interview he conducted with Alan Fletcher (big name in graphic design, if you didn't know) where he answered student's questions. He had witty answers to some of the questions, while others he attempted to avoid entirely. But for me, this was particularly good.

Who would win a fight between an alligator and a shark?
AF A rhinoceros.


  1. Great blog post. Thanks for that, I'll definitely keep those tips in mind!

  2. yeah, cheers - missed the lecture earlier - great that you summed it up. thanks.