Friday, 30 March 2012


And because my parents didn't arrive until yesterday, I basically had a second birthday! Lindsay and I went to Truro in the morning, my parents took us out for dinner in the evening and then drink-Uno was played (not with the parents).

I really love Truro cathedral.
At the Thai Orchid, thai restaurant.
Mini fish dip dishes!
So much tasty food. Possibly my favourite Fal restaurant.
I won.
Trying to be arty with my tankard.

And now the following photographs are from today, I won't claim that today was a third birthday. It was just another sunny day in Falmouth!

Birthday cheesecake. This half will be eaten tomorrow night.


Since I last blogged, I have turned 21!

It was my birthday on Wednesday, the 28th, and all-in-all I had quite possibly the best birthday ever. I chose specifically to stay in Falmouth to celebrate my 21st; persuading my best friend, Lindsay, to come down for it and my parents joined us yesterday. I couldn't have asked for better weather, and although not everyone is still round (as it's the second week of Easter) I had a large group of friend join me on the beach for a bbq. I even had a nice little sea swim.

So, for once, I actually took photographs at a social occasion – and throughout the day in general.

Card from Becca included lots of 21s.
"It's my birthday, I can have coffee AND juice."
Good present. (It will receive it's own blog soon.)
Lindsay treated me to lunch at Pizza Express.
We sat outside looking at this.
Birthday beach. Beach birthday.
A cloudless sky.
Birthday contentness.
Then we went to the pub.
I didn't take any photos, I was too busy drinking…