Sunday, 25 March 2012

Books books books

I like books and I like my Kindle. Most of all I like reading. I sort of set myself a New Year's Resolution this year to read more, which I'd like to think is inevitable with my Christmas gift of a Kindle. So far this year I've read four physical books and four ebooks. I could have quite happily have read the physical books on my Kindle instead but I borrowed or got them from the library thus it was free to read!

I plan to buy a few more books on my Kindle soon. In fact, this morning I bought a new one. I like getting lost in a good story, it doesn't matter if I'm reading it in a massive hardback book (like the book I just finished) or on a paper-simulated screen. It's the story that matters. Of course, as a designer, I appreciate the design of books a lot but your average paperback doesn't exactly have much graphic design to it, aside from the cover. It would be quite nice if my Kindle showed me book covers… but then it is black and white.

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