Saturday, 17 March 2012

Chuck Ragan Facts

In August a mystery tweeter set up Chuck Ragan Facts and I, like many others, absolutely loved it. A month or so ago, I tweeted Mr Facts to say I might design a book to compile the facts. Needless to say he was very keen for me to do so. Of course I've been incredibly busy with all my uni projects but one evening, upon discovering Snapbird – a complete timeline of all tweets – I sat and read through all of the 1300+ tweets and noted down my favourite facts.

It gave me a bit of a headache after two hours, but it was worth it. I already had a vision in my head of how the actual book would look. Taking inspiration from Chuck's latest album, Covering Ground. It's designed to be about the size of a CD as well, which is pretty neat.

So anyway, here we have the final book in digital form. With a little back story to how Chuck Ragan Facts was actually created, from its inventor. None of the facts are mine but I did write a bit of the "Who is Chuck Ragan?" introduction and the page at the back. I can only take credit for the design.

After a few final  checks to make sure everything is perfect, I'm going to get myself a copy of the book printed on Ubyu. Which seems like a pretty decent, high quality yet well priced website for printing your own books. Exciting!

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