Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Triforce Tribute

I was pointed to this by a friend on Twitter, a whole array of graphicy and illustrationy Zelda goodness.

"The Triforce Tribute is an epic multi-medium show celebrating all things Zelda. Curated by Jolby & Always With Honor. Opening Friday March 9th at 6pm and runs through April 21st 2012 at Land Gallery." – Triforce Tribute

Kokiri Forest, Trevor Basset
Link, Jolby
More Link, Meg Hunt
Gem in the grass, Jolby/Always With Honor
A little bit of Zelda (cropped), Frank Chimero

According to a post on the blog yesterday, there will be an online gallery with more of the images in soon. For now, there's some bits on this Flickr.

This is all relevant to me at the moment as tomorrow I am having a [two week early] birthday party, and the theme is "forest". That might not immediately shout Zelda at you although there are plenty of forests in the games, so I'm being a big indirect by saying "I'm going as Link!" But hey, it's my party. He wears green and is basically a forest elf.

I've made a sword and shield, and a pretty awesome (if I say so myself) Link-style hat so should look the part. I'm sure there will be photographs to share at a later date.

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