Thursday, 5 April 2012

Obligatory London visit

Whenever I'm at home, in Milton Keynes, I have to fit in a trip to London or two as it is so close. This time I needed to take some photographs in and around The British Library for major project research purposes. I won't share many of those photographs as they're pretty boring, but there's a few here. Plus some photographs at the V&A and Natural History Museum – non-work related.

The British Library

This is a 3D optical illusion. It looks flat in the photograph but as you move in front
of it the book shelves appear to move also, this is because they are in fact wooden pyramids
sticking out from the wall.
I just liked the print.
Colourful mural as featured on Creative Review.
St Pancras, looking more empty than it was.
These are quite nice.
Sweet sign/lettering.

This exhibition looks good. One for the future.
Into the V&A. Didn't take many photos, I've been before.
The V&A has a surprisingly large collection of locks and keys.
The coffee cup was so nice I took it home with me.
"Do not swim in the water." – it was about 15mm.

Natural History Museum
And then a brief visit to a child-infested Natural History Museum.
I like how the architecture has animals and plants everywhere. It's nice that the building
was purpose built, that people, however many years ago it was built, loved animals too.
A massive slice of tree!
Plant illustrations on the ceiling.
Such a grand building.
Tree art on the ceiling!
Mega deer.
Bring on the whale skeletons.
Another mega deer.
MOOSE - couldn't take a good photo.
Sperm whale – "like the one that fell from the sky". (Hitchiker's)
Really weird whale illustrations.
This is a wolverine.
Sabretooth cat.
For Lauren.
This guy has an amusing expression.
I like the appearance of Mr Pigeon.
Obligatory tree photographs to finish, of course.

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