Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Wolves, 2003

After watching the Land of Wolves two-part documentary that was on the BBC last week, I suddenly remembered a science project that I did in Year 7 at school. Wolves have been my favourite animal for as long as I can remember (although they've recently been joined by the moose, wolf is still no.1).

From looking at the project, it seems I knew more about wolves 9 years ago than I do now. I'll have to learn from my 12 year old self now. In fact, I really want to use the information and pictures in the project (the photographs more so than my drawings) and re-design it using my graphic design knowledge – something I clearly didn't have then!

Look at that experimental typography!
My hand drawn letters leave a lot to be desired.
I think I got these photographs from a calendar. They're great.

In the back of the ring binder, there is a mark sheet from my Year 7 science teacher covering organisation, content, writing style, presentation and advice for future projects.

I was praised for my own illustrations and hand drawn diagrams – "I like to see this when compared with some pupils reliance on printing out graphics from the Internet and CD roms." (Remember Encarta?)

But it's the comments in 'advice for the future' that are the best: "You may want to try word processing future work but personally I like the extra personality and individuality of hand written project. It is beginning to be more acceptable to hand in work done on a computer but often does not show how much thought a person is putting into their work." Still true today, but then look at what I do now.

I need to find some more of my old school projects. Reading through my work and teacher comments is fun and really quite interesting!

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