Friday, 13 April 2012

Xtra Mile's T'was the Night Before Wembley

Ben Marwood, Dave Hause, Jim Lockey & the Solemn Sun, [Xtra Special Guest] and Crazy Arm. £10. Camden Barfly (200 capacity). How could I refuse? So what if I went by myself, it was amazing. And in a room filled with like-minded music fans, I felt right at home.

Every single act was superb and Billy Brag (the special guest) was certainly a nice surprise. I admit I've never really listened to him before and only know a few songs – I know, I know, before my time, okay? (Well, not really when I listen to Springsteen and Neil Young, but…) So rather looking forward to seeing him again tonight for Frank Turner at Wembley Arena!

As usual, I took some crappy photos. Although none of Ben Marwood I'm afraid as my hands were full with a pint…

Dave Hause! Kind of a little bit in love with this man.
In a platonic way, if that makes sense.

Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun had a new album out this week. I haven't got it yet
but I definitely will soon. Haven't seen 'em since 2000 Trees Festival, 2010. Super.
Someone near me asked "what is that?!" It's a melodica, god damnit!
And the special guest is… Billy Bragg. Dave/Twitter already told us.
Oh, look who it is…
They only went and covered Bob Dylan's The Times Are A'Changing.
One of my favourite songs ever.
It's no secret that I absolutely adore Crazy Arm.
Patrick got hairy in the last year. (Not a bad thing.)
And they finished up with a cover of Springsteen's Born to Run!

So all-in-all awesome gig. Plus I managed to leave the Barfly at 11.15, power walk to the tube, hop on said tube and then run from Euston for the 11.34 train. I was very efficient. Now for Wembley!

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  1. On an ENTIRELY SHALLOW NOTE, Billy Bragg is more of a silver fox IRL than he is on the telly too. ;)