Tuesday, 29 May 2012

I should draw more

Especially during this period of “I have no work to do” and especially in black fine liner… I rather like drawing in just fine liner. Hopefully this will be the first of many drawings, as I have a total of five more of my landscape-type photographs lined up to illustrate – and I'm sure I can dig out some more.

This is Tintagel's Old Post Office, as seen in my photograph here:

EDIT: Comparing this blog post to the previous post on my blog, when viewed on the home page at the same time, I'm thinking it would be nice to simplify this illustration of mine down. In the same sort of style as Katsuyuki Nishijima – thicker, bolder lines but obviously not actually woodblock printed. Maybe bring a bit of that Japanese ukiyo-e style to Cornish landscapes… Yes, art project!

Monday, 28 May 2012

Katsuyuki Nishijima

It's no secret that I absolutely adore Japan; culturally and visually. And visually one of my favourite things about Japan is the art from the ukiyo-e period, several hundred years ago. Even better is my discovery of Katsuyuki Nishijima, as posted on It's Nice That, who has a slightly more modern take on the traditional print-style but retains the beautiful imagery that can only be Japan.

 “Stylistically the artist, who was born in 1945, is influenced by a particular genre of Japanese woodblock printing used between the 17th and 20th centuries called Ukiyo-e, which literally translates as ╩╗floating world╩╝. Intensely crafted, masterfully coloured and, with its familiar tones and graphic outlines, the dramatically composed scenes are not unlike the bold imagery of golden age comics.” – It's Nice That

Sunday, 27 May 2012

More of this please

We've had quite a few lovely days in the last week in Falmouth. Of course some of those were spent inside printing, spray mounting work and generally finishing everything for Friday's deadline. But now that university is well and truly over (at least work-wise) we can actually enjoy the sunshine without worrying that we should be doing something else! It's a good feeling.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

The End

Wow, so we had our final ever deadline/hand-in yesterday. The show us up, although it doesn't open to the public for three weeks, a years worth of sketchbooks and portfolio are stowed away under my table, final presentation boards are up and my table is loaded with books, leaflets, flyers, etc.

I simply cannot wait for the show to actually open. I'll tell you now the standard is very high. So well done to UCF graphic design 2012 – we did it!

And I didn't choose a university by the sea side for nothing… beach?

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Cornish Orchards

I like these ciders. They are Cornish and have lovely tree-themed labels. I also like the actual cider, ahem… end of degree tomorrow… ahem, cider drinking is in order.

So that's Cornish Orchards cider designed by Buddy Creative.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Tall Tales & Short Stories

It might have taken the best part of this evening but I have updated my website with my major project, Tall Tales & Short Stories, and it is definitely the largest project I have ever produced. Currently I am very pleased with it all… but ask me again in three months time.

"Tall Tales & Short Stories is a fictional exhibition to take place at the British Library. The exhibition aims to encourage its viewers to rekindle their imaginative side, something that may have been lost in adulthood, through the idea of myth At first focusing on British myths, including those familiar to all and  stories much lesser known, the exhibition and accompanying book explore what a "myth" is, how they are formed and just why they are important to us."

Have a look at the project in full: here.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Coming soon…

…to both blog and website, Tall Tales & Short Stories!

Deadline for my whole degree is Friday. After that, or maybe even before but not right now, I will update my website with my major project. For now everything has been photographed and my print and digital portfolios have been updated, so here's a few of those photographs for now.


Saturday, 19 May 2012

Olympic torch comes to Falmouth

The Olympic torch started its journey around and across the UK today in Cornwall and I went down to The Moor to see it. Plus it was sunny.

Kinda like the graphic torch-bearing man.
Hurrah for Cornish-ness.
Here's the torch… unlit.
Look close and you might see the flame…

Friday, 18 May 2012

A real book

So I picked up my book from the printers this afternoon and I am absolutely amazed at how good it looks. It's basically a real book; the colours are so bright, all of the type and illustrations look great, it's neatly bound and the cover is actually shiny.
It feels reals.

The actual deadline for everything is next Friday (it will all be over this time next week) so I will take some proper photographs after then – as I have two copies of the book and only need to hand one in. But for now, here's a sneaky peek.

On its book stand for the show.
I love the colours!
Don't ask me why, but I sat on the floor with the book on my lap to take these photos.
Oh yeah, so this is what the book is called.

I also got an A2 poster printed today for the end of year show. Now there's only the leaflets, flyers and postcards to print/make.

Monday, 14 May 2012

I love Amazon

Now I wouldn't normally post something like this on my blog but I have experienced brilliantly efficient customer services from Amazon and I thought it worth sharing the story so that others in the same situation might benefit as I have.

Basically, as you probably know if you read my blog regularly or know me personally, I got a Kindle for Christmas and I love it. I love reading as much as I love the physicality of books and with a Kindle I am able to read far more, whilst limiting what books I actually purchase in physical form – which is now mostly graphic design related books or maybe something like a graphic novel.

But on Friday night a tragedy occurred and some how, I'm not quite sure what I did, my Kindle's screen was broken. I didn't drop it and it was in its case but I think it got pressed a little too hard and bam, broken with faint horizontal lines residing on the screen to prove it. So after panicing for a bit and phoning my dad to tell him I'd "done a bad thing" – my parents gave me the Kindle for Christmas – I consulted Google and discovered that lots of other people had suffered the same e-reader fate.

AND, here's the best bit, if your Kindle is within warranty you can phone Amazon up through a special Kindle-only helpline explain that your screen is broken and they will send you out a new Kindle free of charge. So I phoned the Kindle customer services on Saturday morning, or rather I should say they phoned me after I tapped my number into the online form. The woman I spoke to was very helpful, understood my problem and said I'd be posted a replacement Kindle that day! On a Saturday.

And hey, it arrived early this afternoon. If that's not great customer service I don't know what is. I've had no reason to dislike Amazon in the past, but now I love them.

ps. don't let this put you off getting a Kindle, they are amazing. I just need to get a sturdier case and be more careful with mine.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Chuck Ragan Facts Book in photographs

I've finally taken some photographs of the Chuck Ragan Facts book that I designed a couple of months ago. My wooden desk makes for a brilliant backdrop.

Check out my website for a little more about the book and more photographs.

Trees aplenty

It's about time I made a second edition of The Book of Trees, in some form or another. I'd like to do something slightly different with a second book, but I'm not sure what yet – maybe it won't even be a "book".

Here's some trees that a photographed (on my phone) on my walk back from sea swimming earlier today.