Friday, 18 May 2012

A real book

So I picked up my book from the printers this afternoon and I am absolutely amazed at how good it looks. It's basically a real book; the colours are so bright, all of the type and illustrations look great, it's neatly bound and the cover is actually shiny.
It feels reals.

The actual deadline for everything is next Friday (it will all be over this time next week) so I will take some proper photographs after then – as I have two copies of the book and only need to hand one in. But for now, here's a sneaky peek.

On its book stand for the show.
I love the colours!
Don't ask me why, but I sat on the floor with the book on my lap to take these photos.
Oh yeah, so this is what the book is called.

I also got an A2 poster printed today for the end of year show. Now there's only the leaflets, flyers and postcards to print/make.

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