Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Campbell Park on a sunny day

So it turns out Milton Keynes isn't all that bad. It might not have a beach or be anywhere near the sea but it does have a beautiful park within half an hour from my house. Sitting under a tree in the relative tranquility (there was some grass cutting going on) and reading was lovely.

Obligatory tree photos.
Is that countryside?
Odd pyramid.
Sitting under a tree.
There used to be elephant statues…
Patch of sand = beach?
A picture of MK Gallery, just because it looks awesome.

In other news, I will start volunteering at Oxfam next Thursday which I'm actually pretty excited about. Also, I'm almost all packed for Leopallooza Festival in Bude, Cornwall, this weekend. Very much looking forward to that and for the sea swim that will be happening afterwards on Sunday. Three weeks away from the seaside is a long time for a sea swimmer!

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