Saturday, 18 August 2012

Woodland Walk

So, y'know I like trees. There's a wood, Linford Wood, five minutes from my house and I have really not been there enough times in my life. And so, as boiling as today was in the sun, a walk in the shades of the wood was rather pleasant. It wasn't a very long walk but there were, obviously, trees a'plenty to keep me happy. As well as living trees, there were several wooden sculptures carved from felled trees – awesome.

Need to make A Book of Trees number 2… soon.

These new signs are a nice idea but the information on them could use a bit of work
and perhaps hiding the sign away in the foliage isn't the best for navigation.
Big trees and blue skies.

The amazing woodland creatures of the art trail, hidden amongst the trees. Including badgers, monkeys, birds and apparently Rupert the Bear.

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