Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The Lighthouse & St Mawes

Three years living in Falmouth and I have gazed longingly across the waters to the lighthouse at St Anthony's Head, just around the headland from St Mawes, without ever visiting it. Which is fair enough as I haven't had a car in Cornwall, and even if I did it is a very long way by road.

But now I have been! Although it wasn't a sunny day, the views were lovely across to Falmouth, Mylor and St Mawes. Of course the lighthouse was pretty cool up close too – although it is fenced off.

First, Falmouth harbour from the day before.
Little St Mawes castle viewed from near the lighthouse.
Nice little secluded beach down there.
Cormorants on the rocks in front of the lighthouse.
Gotta photograph a hand drawn sign.
A guide from the bird hide as to what you can see – Falmouth.
St Mawes – Pendennis castle in the distance and St Mawes a little closer.
St Mawes Castle.

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