Friday, 19 October 2012

The Revival Tour 2012

I attended my second Revival Tour show last night at Islington Academy – the first being at Shepherd's Bush this time last year. I didn't know all of the acts on the line up so well as last year but the nature of the event meant that it would be excellent nonetheless. And it was. In fact, it exceeded all expectations.

The Revival Tour is a collaboration folk music event, initiated by Chuck Ragan – who you may recall from this book.

“There’s no hierarchy; it’s about sharing music together and bringing it to people in an extremely honest and grassroots fashion,” he explains, adding that the musicians on the tour all open the show together, join each other throughout the event and close it with a grand finale all together again. “It’s apparent that simple songs of folk music has been rising in popularity and it’s a joy to bring known artists that people already love but very important to us to expose lesser known artists to the world who play exemplary music and live by ethics we admire whether they’re solo musicians, groups or a singer of a band.”The Revival Tour

This years Revival Tour consisted of Cory Branan, Emily Barker, Jay Malinowski, Rocky Votolato and, of course, Mr Chuck Ragan. Plus Jon Gaunt and Joe Ginsberg on fiddle and bass.

This video is from 2008, but you get the idea:
ps. my friend Rachel took some much better photographs.

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  1. Is that me in your first photo? On the right, 2nd person in, with the glasses?

    Is it bad that I can only recognise myself in other people's photos by the colour of my hair?