Sunday, 31 March 2013


I’m not really one for saying Hey! Look what presents I got for my birthday / Christmas / [any other occasion]. However, I did receive and purchase some pretty neat things this year, so I’m going to share a few of them here.

Lime(!) curd with nice packaging and Chuck Ragan’s book about being on tour.
Some nice books I bought myself in Beerwolf Books, Falmouth, which is a pub and a bookshop. One graphic design book and one about waves (I love the cover illustration rather a lot).
A trinket box made from wood and an old map (at least, it looks that way). It also currently contains some nice jewellery that I bought myself at the market in Falmouth.
Nicely illustrated toiletries travel bag – I did really need one of these!
Because I stupidly lost one of my previous pasty earrings, that my mum bought me when I finished my degree, I replaced them myself. These ones are ever so slightly different though, a bit bigger and with the traditional Cornish pasty score marks.
I wanted a nautical door stop. I quite fancied a lighthouse one. But I didn’t think they existed, until I found one in Truro yesterday.

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