Saturday, 20 April 2013

A beautiful day in Oxford

Me and Kat*, who I work with, have been planning a trip to Oxford since Christmas time. It’s now mid-April and we finally made it. I think given today’s glorious sunshine and vaguely warm temperature it was well worth the wait. Kat studied in Oxford so she was able to show me around today – I’ve only been a couple of times and would definitely get lost by myself.

*I realise that should have been ‘Kat and I’ but I’m breaking the rules, alright?

Kat’s favourite building in Oxford.
Posh lawns (that you cannot touch).
Natural History Museum and Pitt Rivers Museum.
So many awesome masks.
Totem pole!
Chinese writing implements.
Building used in Harry Potter? I was more interested in the tree.
Riverside walk.

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