Sunday, 26 May 2013

Dunstable Downs

Dunstable Downs is an extensive chalk and grassland area of outstanding natural beauty according to the National Trust website – and after my first ever visit to the Downs today I can confirm this is true. I have no idea why I’ve never been before, it’s only 15 miles away from Milton Keynes and incredibly easy to get to (by car). Fortunately I have a friend, from college, who lives in Dunstable and was more than happy to take a walk up there with me this afternoon. It was awesome.

Can you see the Whipsnade chalk lion on the left?
Steep chalk stairs.

I learnt how to do a panoramic photo on my iPhone, but now I think about it… what is the point in being able to take panoramic photographs on a phone? Even on my computer screen I can’t view it effectively in one go. Even if I plugged my phone/computer into a large TV to view it, there would be more black framing the photograph than there actually is photograph.

And at this size it just looks silly. Although you can click to enlarge.

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