Monday, 10 June 2013

North Devon

I’ve travelled a lot of miles this past weekend, well from Thursday really, and for once I actually did all the driving – no trains involved. Joined by Richard (all the way from Australia!) and Beth, we drove down to Falmouth on Thursday but it was a short stay… On Friday we joined the Sea Swimming Clubbers and headed up to Bude – sea pool! – and then on to North Devon for an amazing weekend of sunshine, camping and, of course, sea swimming.

Falmouth, briefly.
There’s no photographs of Bude as I was a little stressed out after Foxy had an accident (flat tyre/busted wheel). This is Foxy’s good side at the campsite in Ilfracombe.
Secret beach.
Pirate crazy golf is the best!
I had a go in these myself, great fun.
Monkey Island was hard and there was no three-headed monkey.
Valley of the rocks.

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