Sunday, 28 July 2013

If I had a festival…

If I had a festival and I split it into three different genres for three days, then picked ten of my favourite bands/artists for each day… this is what the line-up would look like.

I like a lot of bands so this was fairly easy, although I struggled with alternative/folk and rock more than punk rock. Punk could definitely have had at least double the amount of bands it does, as that’s generally what I listen to. Whilst rock has four bands that could arguably be the headliner – Muse have always been my all time favourite though so they win. Also, many would argue Neil Young should be above Arcade Fire but it’s my festival!

This has really just been a typography experiment of trying to match fonts to band names. Some are certainly better than others and there’s still more I could do with the actual design and composition of the posters but, hey, this was just for fun.

Also, I don’t have a better name for the actual festival…

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