Sunday, 4 August 2013

It’s okay to gig alone

I really love music and I like nothing more than going to see my favourite bands live. However, I listen to a lot of music that none of my friends do. Which is fine, I like that I have my own tastes and I’m not influenced by anyone else too much (although by all means, suggest something if you think I’ll like it! New music is great too.). But it’s always nice to go to a show with a buddy – and preferably one who likes the band in the first place, rather than just being dragged along.

I went to a lot of gigs with friends when I was younger and lately I’ve been to quite a lot with my dad. He’s brought me up well on good bands (R.E.M., Neil Young, Pink Floyd and more recently Arcade Fire). We both love Band of Horses and we saw them a couple of weeks ago, but unfortunately dad isn’t so much of a punk rock fan like me.

So, now when my favourite punk rockers announce shows I’m buying myself a ticket regardless of whether anyone is coming with me. Which is exactly what I did for the show I went to last night…

Whenever I take a camera to a show, I always end up just using my phone…

I went to see The Menzingers who are an American punk band who I’ve been wanting to see live for ages. I was meant to be going to see them last September but had to sell my ticket when I couldn’t go. I was going to go alone to that gig and I went alone last night after giving up trying to find someone who would vaguely like them. In the end, I’m glad I didn’t drag anyone along because I stood right at the front and got crushed and sweaty, but for The Menzingers it was more than worth it.

I’d like to say I talked to strangers at the show and shared our like-minded music tastes, but I didn’t. It was enough for me just to be surrounded by people who appreciate a band as much as I do, because I really love this band. Maybe next time I’ll be brave and talk to someone new, but I was there for the music and the music alone.

They were far more electric than this, but I like this version too.

EDIT: This is even better! Billy Bragg cover.

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