Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Tofugu, a wonky Japanese language and culture blog, is my new favourite website. Not only is the blog dedicated to Japan, which of course means I’m going to love it anyway, but each post is really well written and researched. I think my favourite post that I’ve read so far – and I haven’t looked back too far into past posts – is the My Neighbour Totoro Conspiracy Theory. It’s a really good read and very interesting, although perhaps not if you’re not familiar with Totoro.

However, this isn’t Tumblr and I’m not just going to regurgitate all the great stuff Tofugu have posted. You can check out the blog for yourself. What I really want to share here is some of a wonderful illustrations that are created specifically for some Tofugu posts. After all, I am a visually-minded person.

Maybe I didn’t look hard enough but I couldn’t seem to find any reference to who the Tofugu illustrator is on the website. Although it’s fairly clear that it is just the one illustrator, as they have a fairly distinct style. Luckily a little thing called Twitter exists, so I asked. And I can at least link to the her Twitter account – @ayapizza.

Okay, so I looked harder and found the about page.

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