Thursday, 1 August 2013

Trask Industries

So, I finally got to see The Wolverine last night and it certainly did not disappoint (and not just because Hugh Jackman is the most attractive man in the world).

I’ve been waiting for his Japan storyline to make it to the big screen ever since I read this graphic novel by Frank Miller four or five years ago – although I think the film was set slightly before that. Maybe there’s another book, I haven’t read many comics in the last few years and I’m out of touch. Anyway, it was excellent but this blog post is not going to be about that film…

The next X-Men film, Days of Future Past, isn’t going to be out until next year but posters have already started emerging. Not only that, but a detailed and well-designed fictional website has been created for Trask Industries – the company responsible for building the Sentinels, a robot army designed to destroy all mutants.

“As the world's leading full-spectrum genetic security and containment company, Trask Industries continues to uncover new ways to control the mounting X-gene threat. We are proud to bring decades of experience, along with 118,000 innovative minds as we continue to secure human freedoms in every nation on Earth. Our goal is to solve tomorrow's problems, today.” Trask Industries

Watch the advert for Trask Industries:

Now I think these posters and the effort put into creating a fictional website are awesome, but a fair comment was made on Creative Review’s post about this: “The big question for me is how can viral campaigns break out of just appealing to the core audience. They are typically adopted by the ‘fan boy' audience who, it could be argued, are going to see the film anyway.” I could disagree, but I am a typical fan boy – or girl, rather – so hey.

I’m also a mutant myself. Or a low-affect one anyway, as I have central heterochromia.

But I don’t have any of these abilities…
Is that… Tyrion?

However these aren’t the only posters/visuals for the new X-Men film to emerge on the internet recently. These amazing images combining the young and old Xavier and Magneto were posted on Entertainment Weekly a few weeks ago. Admittedly, the two Magneto’s faces merge together far better than the Xavier’s – or maybe I just love Magneto – but both pretty cool.

I might buy some more comics, or at least re-read the ones I have. Maybe.

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