Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Ruby & Prew’s trip to the Zoo

Ruby came down from Ely (or thereabouts) on Sunday and we went to Whipsnade Zoo, which is near Dunstable. I’ve been to Whipsnade many times, mostly as a child but also a few years ago I went with my dad. That time we didn’t see all the animals and I was particularly gutted that the wolves didn’t show. Now they have even more animals than ever before, and we made a committed effort to see every single animal. Even those that didn’t make an appearance the first time around, we went back for… which paid off.

The star of the day for me was the adorable little red panda who ran around his (or her) enclosure and climbed its tree like a maniac. Also, I feel like I can relate. Other favourites included the moose (mooses? meese?), wolves and, of course, the wolverines.

These poor quality photograph are courtesy of my iPhone/Instagram

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